Friday, 18 January 2013


Assalamua'laikum. Hello everyone ! Annyeong ! :D I hope you guys in a pink of health . Well today, I wanna talk about LOVE ! What is love ? As we know , LOVE is a feeling between a person to other person. All people said that LOVE was WONDERFUL like a RAINBOW that shining all of the world. We also know, that LOVE just not for a COUPLE ! Its for our GOD , FRIENDS and FAMILY. Daaa ~ All of them is IMPORTANT. Am I right ? So, here the beautiful photo of LOVE !

 Wow ! Fantastic baby (Bigbang) ! Haha ! It was so nice , right ? I'm feel like......wanna eat it -_- Haha. So, I'm sure a few of you guys have a COUPLE. Tuttt ! I knew it :P I'm sure they are special for you guys :3 What ? What are you guys looking at me ? I don't have a couple okay , I'm just SINGLE but I'm not alone. God always with me, Family always support me and Friends always make me happy. Hewhew. So, I think , I will stop here. I have no idea to share with you guys anymore. HAHA ! So here the sweet photo. Sweet ? Hmm , may be ? :P HAHA

 Sweet ? Yahh so sweet. But.....more sweet after married :3 Aumm ! HAHA. K done here. Always follow my update on blog okay? InshaAllah, I will post something more interesting and more useful after this. Thank you for wasting your time read this post. Much love - AQIEB <3 :D
#Psssst : Bajet je Aqib ni speaking kan? Muahaha ! Saje jeee speaking, tak salah kan kan kan ? Hikhik. Kalau tak faham, sorry. Biasalah broken english :P HAHA. Korang search je GOOGLE TRANSLATE , haaa copy then paste :P Kihkihkih. K toodlessssssss ~

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